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So here is goes

In case I fall and hit my head.....


My blog is about helping me remember my trip!

I have traveled before and can barely remember anything I did (Moroney can vouch for that!!), where I stayed, drank and ate....... So this time around I am writing everything down and taking an obscene amount of photos (which will feature my travel duck Jeeves!!)

My random wander 2012 starts in South America, then moves to New Zealand, up to Oz and then I am going to float around Asia until December!

This blog will include stories, lists (I do love an auld list) which covers things like my dances with the edge and a feature list (which will have some of the peeps who have featured in my year away from the real world!) and travel hints and dodges, the mistakes I've made and some of the gems I have come across.

If you are planning a trip I hope you will find my tips and travel dodges useful. If you are just having a nose I hope you enjoy it!

God Speed

Evie & Jeeves!!

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